Good evening and welcome, below are Topics gathered from those who wrote the JAMB MOCK exam today.

Do well to go through them and note topics there. 


-Mirrors and lenses (power of a lens)
-Magnetic fields
-Scalars and vectors
-Equilibrium of forces
-Temperature and measurement
-Waves (vibration in a plucked string, polarisation)
-Devices for measuring resistance.
-Linear expansivity
-Gas laws
-Half life and properties of X-ray (under radioactivity).


-Structure of plant roots/stem
-Blood cells/blood groups
-Circulatory system
-Plant classification


-Minimum and maximum value
-Equation of a straight line
-Simple interest
-Standard deviation
-Venn diagram
-Pie chat

-Bearing and distance
-Permutation and combination
-Surds and logarithm
-Latitude and longtitude
-Coordinate geometry


-Nuclear chemistry
-Organic chemistry
-Separation techniques
-Structures of compounds
-Gas laws ( temperature, volume and pressure
-Effect of catalyst in a reaction.



-Light was created in?-Reoboam disobedience cost him?
-Who was main person sent to the gentiles?
Who were used as examples to the Corinthians?

-How many porches where in Bethesda.


-The conflict in the play is between who and who(the lion and the jewel)
-Un seen poetry

-The first stanza of the good morrow talk about?

The caged bird is dialogical….
-What did the author think he saw?

-They ask me what those women in second class citizen go and do in Apapa?
-They ask me the main characters of the lion and the jewel
-The play centres on?
-The narrative technique in wuthering heights.

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